Lowongan Asisten Guru / Teaching Assistant-Yayasan Surabaya European School

    Asisten Guru / Teaching Assistant-Yayasan Surabaya European School

    Surabaya (Jawa Timur) | Ditayangkan: 08-September-2020 | Tutup pada 08-October-2020

    An International School in Surabaya
    Surabaya European School is the only British curriculum based international school in Surabaya to combine three prestigious programs for children between the ages of 3 to 16. We provide a Montessori education for students from ages 3-6, the Cambridge and the International Primary Curriculum for junior school students, and the Cambridge and British National Curriculum for secondary school students, which culminates in the Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) qualification.
    Our consistent focus for students is on high academic standards, essential life skills and a sense of responsibility to the community all within the framework of a ‘family like’ atmosphere. As an international school we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing a diverse and inclusive school community. We also ensure that each student receives the educational support they need while being challenged to extend themselves according to their individual potential.
    To assist our students in their growth Surabaya European School offers:
    -the highest ratio of native English speaking students
    -small classes (18 or less) for children aged 3 to 16
    -highly qualified staff who have years of international school teaching experience to draw upon and are proficient in the Cambridge/British International Curriculum as well as numerous other international and national curricula
    -specialist subject teachers for all secondary school subjects and for art, physical education and second languages in primary school
    -externally administered examinations that allows student progress to be tracked against international benchmarks
    -frequent reporting to parents and an open door policy the facilitates continuous opportunities for communication between parents, teachers and school leadership

    Tanggung Jawab:
    • Membantu mempersiapkan materi pelajaran di kelas
    • Mendamping murid-murid dalam pembelajaran
    • Membantu memberikan penilaian murid-murid
    • S1 lulusan Bahasa Inggris atau sederajat
    • Usia 23-35 tahun
    • Bisa berinteraksi dengan anak-anak dengan baik
    • Bisa berbahasa Inggris dengan baik (lisan dan tulisan)
    • Bisa bekerjasama dengan baik
    • Diutamakan yang memiliki pengalaman minimal 1 tahun
    • Diutamakan yang memiliki pengalaman mengajar dengan sistem Montessori

    Our Mission
    To provide a safe, family atmosphere that combines values focused on emotional growth with academic rigor to empower our students to be the change.
    To help achieve this we offer:
    -small class sizes (18 or less)
    -an outstanding faculty of dedicated professionals whose every decision is based on knowledge, experience and students’ best interest
    -a commitment to ensuring that each student receives the educational support they need while being challenged to extend themselves according to their potential
    -a bright, inviting, art-filled campus where children’s work is showcased in frequently-changing displays
    -a community where every child is known, accepted and where exclusion is treated as bullying
    smooth, coordinated transitions between grades and teachers
    -a student population that represents many levels of ability and cultural diversity
    specialist subject teacher for all secondary school subjects and for art, physical education and language in primary school
    -an ongoing commitment to integrating information technology into teaching that seeks to harness the opportunities it offers to support and extend our students
    -online reading and math programs supplementing the Cambridge, British National Curriculum and IPC programs for both primary and secondary students
    -weekly music and drama tuition
    -twice-weekly physical education that takes advantage of our wide range of sporting facilities
    -a full-day Montessori program for our youngest students, with the moto ‘teach me how I can do it myself’, focused on helping children feel secure and competent as they learn the essentials of writing, reading, and math and bond all within a ‘family like’ environment
    -values-themed, whole-school assemblies every two weeks that bring children, parents and teachers -together to celebrate achievement and engagement with values showcased through music and drama
    multicultural studies and celebrations throughout the school year that recognize the diversity within SES’ student body
    -a commitment to community service

    ALAMAT : Yayasan Surabaya European School
    Pakuwon Golf & Family Club, Lidah Wetan, Surabaya City, East Java, Indonesia


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