Lowongan Staff Logistik-PT Niramas Utama

    Staff Logistik-PT Niramas Utama

    Bekasi (Jawa Barat) - Tambun, Bekasi | Ditayangkan: 16-November-2020 | Tutup pada 16-December-2020

    The establishment of PT Niramas Utama in 1990, was started when several young enterpreuners from indonesia accepted the challanges from japanese and taiwaneese bussines enterprises to supply coconut gel (nata de coco) as both countries were in the midle of enermous demands of healthy foods and beverages. Serving coconut based foods and drinks as very much recommended to stay healthy. 

    1. Pendidikan minimal D3
    2. Usia 24-30 tahun
    3, Pengalaman sebagai Staff Logistic minimal 1 tahun
    4. Dapat mengoperasikan sistem SAP
    5. Teliti dan cekatan
    6. Bersedia bekerja secara shifting
    7. Bersedia bekerja di hari sabtu
    8. Penempatan Tambun, Bekasi

    Vision & Mission
    PT Niramas Utama’s vision is to become the largest producer of the highest quality and healthiest product in the food and beverage industry. PT Niramas Utama also want to become the market leader in healthy food product, as we know that ‘A Happy Life is a Healthy Life’.
    In order for us to achieve the vision, we have a mission to focus on the main business of producing high quality and reliable product. We use the high quality food-grade packaging and advanced technology. We also have obtained grade ‘A’ Halal Certification from MUI LPOM.

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